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“L’Urbanisme de Strasbourg” obtained 2013’s edition prize of Japanese Society of Civil Engineers.    http://www.jsce-int.org/

L’Urbanisme de Strasbourg : by Yumi VINCENT-FUJII : published in September 2011 

“This book is a professional and chronologial story of Strasbourg’s city planning, with a kind of accurate information founded on the field work that Japanese would like to know. It is also an excellent story which gives the readers the desire to visit Strasbourg” (comment by Dr Aoyama: Professor emeritus of Engineering at Kyoto University)

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Introduction of a book   “L’Urbanisme de Strasbourg”   Strasbourg’s city planning Strasbourg is a French local city like a holly place for city planners. This provincial town of 500.000 habitants which once suffered from air pollution and traffic jam has succeeded in changing its image in 30 years into a leading environmental city.  The city used to have an image of being a cold, and a dark village in Alsace, although the EU parliament and other many European institutions are located here. Now it enjoys a bright, cultural, and ecological brand image and its population is growing with its employment.  How the city governance and its people achieve this impressive performance?

A public transportation system has been introduced into its town centre since 1994 and Strasbourg put in practice city planning which allow everybody to have an easy access to the common and commercial areas and job place. Many specialists from all over the world including Japan also visit Strasbourg in order to understand the secrets of its success. This book offers you a synthetic document on both Strasbourg’s city planning work, and its financial montage. The collected testimonies help you understand how agreement for the project was consensual despite not all of the stake holders’ interest being addressed. The importance of the role played by political leadership and citizen participation are also explained in detail. At Strasbourg, people finally evolved changing their own behaviour in a new city transportation system and become more mature in supporting the project as responsible citizens. Of course, there has already been much professional and technical research done on the matter, but the outstanding difference in this book from other accounts is that it tells you as “a story”, how the city is redesigned. You can listen to the interviews of 3 consecutives mayors who were the initial motors for introducing an innovating new tram 25 years ago, with the goal of chasing the cars from the city centre, and followed the same principal policies to offer an agreeable place to live for the habitants. There are also the voices of those responsible in the city administration office for executing the world’s leading city planning program and you can experience, with them, how these exciting works were achieved.   “This book is a professional and chronological story of Strasbourg’s city planning, with the kind of accurate information founded on field work that Japanese would like to know. It is also an excellent story which surely gives the readers the desire to visit Strasbourg “  (comment by Dr Aoyama: Professor emeritus of Engineering at Kyoto University). The information and the story that you will find in this book could give a hint to understanding of why only very few Japanese provincial cities are attractive, and suffering from depopulation, while in France, you have numerous local cities which remain dynamic. More than 22 local French cities are now equipped with their own trams. So let’s have a look inside…

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